Routine Home Maintenance

A routine interior/exterior home maintenance plan is perhaps the most significant way to protect the value of your home and prevent major problems and costly repairs. His Biz offers such programs giving you flexibility and savings along the way. We start out with a walk around inspection with the owner to point out any existing or potential problems. Included in our exterior maintenance packages are: roof and gutter cleaning, moss treatment and removal, power washing hard surfaces such as cement driveways/walkways, tree trimming, debris cleanup, etc. Interior programs can include many things such as: seals around windows/doors, cleaning sink traps, caulk/grout around showers and tubs, pipe insulation, and many others.

Preventative Maintenance: Avoid Costly Problems

Proper home maintenance is important for many reasons and will guarantee huge savings on expensive home repairs. Problems that can occur if NOT done on a routine basis include: water damage and eventual rotting of structural and non structural materials, toxic mildew and mold growth, slippery surfaces where personal injury can occur, high energy costs, frozen or bursting pipes, septic system backups, house fires and other problems you will be happy to avoid.