SAVI Summer Fest Was A Great Success!

SAVI Summer Fest
Every year, our company likes to gather around a barbecue and celebrate the past year, successful projects, and amazing teamwork. With games to represent our company’s five divisions, good food and plenty of dessert, it was a sunny summer afternoon to remember!

HISBIZ Painting - SAVI Summer Fest
Justin Baldwin and Greg Sicotte, grill masters, friends and founders of SAVI Inc.


HISBIZ Painting _ SAVI Summer Fest
The SAVI Team and families, eating, competing and being merry.


Since our company’s beginnings in 2014, SAVI Inc. has grown to include

  • HISBIZ PAINTING for all your interior and exterior painting needs, including asphalt coating and cabinetry
  • DAPrDAN, providing power washing, window cleaning and gutter cleaning services for commercial and residential properties
  • RUHLR Renovation, offering kitchen and bathroom remodels that will take your home to the next level
  • PUGET SERVICES, your concierge home service that can help you with anything your home might need
  • An amazing OFFICE TEAM that makes scheduling easy as a breeze and treats each customer with the personal care they deserve
HISBIZ Painting _ SAVI Summer Fest
At HISBIZ Painting, we train’em young.


Two business men and fathers, sharing a moment of peace and quiet.


Representatives of DAPrDAN window cleaning teamed up with our carpenters of RUHLR Renovation to show their cleaning and drilling skills, and kids and HISBIZ PAINTING master painters competed in the “straight-line-painting-contest” – after being spun no less than 10 times. ┬áThe OFFICE CREW set up a laptop and monitored accuracy in the speed-typing contest, and in the final Egg Drop competition, the teams demonstrated creativity and care…. (or not) on behalf of PUGET SERVICES.

HISBIZ Painting _ SAVI Summer Fest
Greg – Reflecting on the past and casting a vision.



Team ‘DAPrDAN’ is ready to get it done! (PS – we only clean with paper towels and spray when it’s part of a game. Never in real life!!)


LEFT: We are thrilled to welcome Gary Hartz, world-renowned kitchen and bathroom designer, to our team. RIGHT: We so appreciate Abe and his family!


The teams, getting ready to clean!


Lots of fun was had and here at SAVI Inc., we are proud to represent such a high-quality team of craftsmen.

Interested in joining an fun and career-minded company like SAVI Inc? We are currently hiring. For more information, please call Sarah at (425) 522-2141.


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