This Camano Beach Home Stands Above

Quite literally! The home meets all the characteristics that mark the perfect getaway: secluded, beachside, private, and with a sunset view of the water. Those very perks are also known to make building the perfect getaway a bit… challenging. Architect Dan Nelson of Designs Northwest Architects was up to the task. Between his outside-the-box creativity, an open-minded homeowner, and a flexible contractor, the idea of a modern, yet perfectly Northwest beach cabin took life.


When Dan Nelson, homeowner Dale Schwarzmiller and Mike Waite of Waite Construction, met with Justin and Greg of HISBIZ PAINTING on a drizzly winter day, they knew that it would take a special kind of partner to do the paint work on this project. A partner who’d be excited to take on a challenge, wouldn’t mind the limited access via foot-path, and whose standards would be up to par with the vision, attention to detail and craftmanship that went into this one-of-a-kind island refuge.

HISBIZ PAINTING won the job.

Built on the steep and rocky shore where Grandpa Schwarzmiller’s cabin used to stand, the new beach house rises above landslides, tides and waves with a unique steel-and-stilts design that defies the forces of nature and requires minimum maintenance. The custom-coated steel frame is not only weather resistant, but also blends in beautifully with the Northwest beach vegetation.


Requiring no exterior coating except for the home’s sunny yellow underside, the HISBIZ crew worked mainly on the interior of the home. The home’s natural light and beautiful modern lines are perfectly complemented by a warm creamy beige on walls and ceilings.

It’s no wonder that the Schwarzmillers’ island residence was featured in the Seattle Times Northwest Magazine!  Read the full story here.

This Camano beach home blends perfectly into its rugged Northwest surroundings. Here’s to many more years and generations of family festivities on the Schwarzmillers’ stretch of beach!

For our team and crew, it was an honor and extremely rewarding to be part of this unique project.  Thank you for allowing us to be part of it.

(And, special thanks to the homeowners for forgiving the incident when one painter’s (self-proclaimed) big head  took down a kitchen pendant light (which was replaced promptly.)


HISBIZ PAINTING is your premier partner for all your interior and exterior paint and coating projects.  With over 25 years of experience, we deliver quality that looks and lasts.

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A proper paint job on the exterior of your home is first line of defense against the two most damaging forces that will cause deterioration – UV rays from the sun and water intrusion. With our unparalleled preparation and application techniques His Biz can protect your most valuable asset and help save you money by preventing costly repairs due a lack of maintenance.

The inside of your home is where you live. It’s where memories are created. The time spent there is of great value and should feel warm and peaceful. What better way to create that feeling of “home” than to add cheerful colors and rich vivid depth to your interior space? His Biz has given this great comfort to many families. With sharp straight lines and small impacting accents we will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed every time you walk into your home.

General Home Maintenance:
In addition to painting and coatings, we also offer a wide variety of interior and exterior home maintenance services, including Power Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Moss, Mildew and Algae Treatments, Window Cleaning, Holiday Lighting and Remodeling.

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