FALL SPECIAL: Save 30% on Interior Painting!

The kids are back in school, the holidays are still a little ways out, and the weather is warm and dry enough to allow for a quick and hassle-free home improvement project.

If you’re hosting for the holidays, or if it’s just been a while since your walls received some TLC, now’s the time to take advantage of our Fall Special:

Book your interior painting and save 30%!
This offer includes a free site visit and color consultation with one of our project managers. Offer expires September 30th, 2016.

Here’s How It Works:

Simply call our office at (360) 387-3344. One of our team members will collect some information from you – the size of your home or the room you need painted, your preferred date range, and your thoughts on color scheme. We will then schedule a site visit with one of our project managers, who will prepare an estimate for your project. If you book by September 30th, 2016, you will receive a 30% discount. Your project must be scheduled by December 31st, 2016.


Not sure whether you should really invest in getting your interior painted?
Consider this:

  1. It’s a Matter of Maintenance

    Daily living takes a toll on walls, no matter how careful you are.  It doesn’t take a rogue  toddler with a marker to ruin your hallway walls – simple things like walking, cooking, lighting a candle or carrying something bulky can leave scuffs, marks and shadows, especially if your walls have been painted with a flat sheen.

    Whether it’s your car, your closet or your home – if it’s well-maintained, it adds prided and joy to your life.

  1. It’s Bang for Your Buck

    A fresh coat of paint is one of the most cost-efficient things you can do to increase the value of your home. Freshly painted walls will make your home instantly look and feel cleaner, more updated and more organized.  Don’t wait until you move before you add value – surround yourself with the good feeling of a well-maintained home NOW.

  1. It Boosts Your Mood

    With the rainy season just around the corner, a fresh shade right inside your home might be just the thing that gets you going. Remember, it doesn’t always take a bold accent wall to change the general “feel” of a room (although that’s certainly an option!)

    Not all neutrals come in boring beige. Compare a variety of soothing or intriguing neutrals, make a switch from cool to warm tones, or select a muted version of a favorite color to lift your spirits. Check out these ideas from Better Homes and Gardens where “neutrals” range from yellow to thunderstorm cloud gray. You deserve to be happy!

HISBIZ PAINTING is your premier partner for all your interior and exterior paint and coating projects.  With over 25 years of experience, we deliver quality that looks and lasts.

For more information or a free quote and color consultation, please call our office at (360) 387-3344 or visit www.HisBizPainting.com

A proper paint job on the exterior of your home is first line of defense against the two most damaging forces that will cause deterioration – UV rays from the sun and water intrusion. With our unparalleled preparation and application techniques His Biz can protect your most valuable asset and help save you money by preventing costly repairs due a lack of maintenance.

The inside of your home is where you live. It’s where memories are created. The time spent there is of great value and should feel warm and peaceful. What better way to create that feeling of “home” than to add cheerful colors and rich vivid depth to your interior space? His Biz has given this great comfort to many families. With sharp straight lines and small impacting accents we will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed every time you walk into your home.

General Home Maintenance:
In addition to painting and coatings, we also offer a wide variety of interior and exterior home maintenance services, including Power Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Moss, Mildew and Algae Treatments, Window Cleaning, Holiday Lighting and Remodeling.

Ask us about our free Concierge Service.  No matter what you need for your home, we can help you find a quality service provider absolutely free of charge. From electrical to plumbing, landscaping to interior design, we will get to work on your behalf to get you quotes and quality contractors. This service is available through our sister company, Puget Services. Call 425-522-2141.


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