Pigs Peace Sanctuary Farm House Makeover

Recently, the HISBIZ Painting Team had the opportunity to be part of a very special project: The transformation of the farmhouse at Pigs Peace Sanctuary in the rural community of Stanwood.

Founded in 1994, Pigs Peace Sanctuary is dedicated to providing a safe home for unwanted, neglected and abused animals. The farm is a home mostly to pigs, but also offers a place for llamas, ponies, horses, cats, dogs, chickens and turkeys.

 HISBIZ Painting Farmhouse Makeover Pigs Peace Sanctuary - 2016

The creative and loving force behind Pigs Peace Sanctuary is Judy Woods, a woman of strength and determination, and with a heart of gold to save the animals. When Judy realized that traditional shelters didn’t accept pigs, she took matters in her own hands. Today, her farm is a home to dozens of pigs and a center of education about those floppy-eared and curly-tailed friends. The farm often welcomes visitors and volunteers (please schedule an appointment if you’re interested).

In 2005, Pigs Peace Sanctuary was transformed by several local artists, who decorated every surface of the farm with bright colors and animal-inspired decor.

HISBIZ Painting Farmhouse Exterior Project at Pigs Peace Sanctuary - 2016

This year, it was time for the farmhouse itself to receive a facelift.  The home’s classic neutral exterior had become dated over the years, and didn’t provide much contrast to the lush and growing landscape surrounding it.

With windows, trim and siding kept in the same light color palette, the beautiful architecture of the home was lost and reduced to a two-dimensional view.

 HISBIZ Painting Farmhouse Exterior Pigs Peace Sanctuary - 2016

Judy’s perfect choice of a dark Forest Green for the siding helped the home both pop and take its place among the majestic Northwest evergreen trees.  Still identified as a classic neutral, the Forest Green instantly gives Judy’s farmhouse a welcoming personality and the presence that the property’s main building deserves.

The rusty red window trim and gutter lines accentuate the home’s beautiful architecture while the white accent line adds a whimsical and playful feel.


What previously seemed to be a dull and monotonous barn-like facade, is now a rich home, full of detail and charm.  And one can never go wrong with classic white-trimmed French pane windows and bold red doors! Judy’s existing honey-colored porch is the perfect complement to her ‘new’ home.

One of our most frequently asked questions includes the fear of a too “Christmasy” look with the green-red-and-white color selection. This is a justified concern! However, the “Holiday effect” can be avoided with a more muted color palette that takes into consideration historic farmhouse shades, the home’s surrounding landscape, and it’s architecture. Our color experts stand ready to help our clients make the right choice.

We are thrilled that we got to be part of Judy’s exciting farmhouse transformation!




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