What Makes Your Paint Project “Green”?

Not every can of green paint is necessarily “green” paint.  And contrary to common belief, “green” paint is no longer limited to a few select colors, but now comes in hundreds of shades.

Whether it’s for environmental or health reasons – or both – making the “green” choice for your next painting project is easy to do with HISBIZ PAINTING. Here’s why:

HISBIZ Painting - What Makes Your Paint Project "Green"

1) We offer low and zero-VOC paints and stains

VOCs (or “Volatile Organic Compounds”) are chemicals that are being used in the manufacture of cleaning or personal care products, building materials, and interior furnishing. Designed to maintain the texture and stability of the product, these chemicals can easily be released into the air at room temperature and thus, become ‘volatile.’  In some people, VOCs can trigger or worsen physical sensitivities or irritations, dizziness, fatigue or allergic reactions.

When it comes to paint, the majority of VOCs is released upon application, but, depending on the product, can slowly leak into the air for several years.

Many paint manufacturers, including Sherwin Williams, have recognized the importance of eliminating VOCs in their interior latex paint products with specialty lines like ProMar and Harmony.

Containing Zero-VOC technology, these products feature odor-eliminating technology designed to improve indoor air quality.  In other words, the zero VOC formula actively helps reduce odors and formaldehyde, from potential sources like pets, carpets, cabinets, and fabrics.

Ask our regional paint manager, Justin Baldwin, for a free consultation to determine the best option for your home and family.


2) Our firm is lead certified for RRP (Renovation, Repair & Painting) by the EPA

Our technicians are trained professionals and certified in lead paint containment.  Lead-based paint and lead contaminated dust are the most hazardous sources of lead for children.  Lead-based paints became illegal in 1978, but all homes built before 1978 likely contain some level of lead paint.

However, it’s not necessarily the paint itself that causes the most problems. It’s its deterioration.

This is a bigger issue than most people think!  Our team fields questions about lead paint and its removal every month to this date! If you have questions on how to safely contain and remove lead paint in your home, please give us a call.


3) We Dispose and Recycle Responsibly

We carefully calculate the required quantities of paint for each project.  This practice is essential for minimizing the cost for the customer, as well as reducing leftover paint and waste.

Leftover paint products from each project are stored with the customer for future repairs of wear-and-tear, and touch-ups.

Our technicians take responsibility in cleaning gear in a contained space, keeping all chemicals from entering the water / ground water systems. Oil paint and hazardous chemical waste are recycled safely via our local recycling center.




HISBIZ PAINTING is your premier partner for all your interior and exterior paint and coating projects.  With over 25 years of experience, we deliver quality that looks and lasts.

For more information or a free quote and color consultation, please call our office at (360) 387-3344 or visit www.HisBizPainting.com

A proper paint job on the exterior of your home is first line of defense against the two most damaging forces that will cause deterioration – UV rays from the sun and water intrusion. With our unparalleled preparation and application techniques His Biz can protect your most valuable asset and help save you money by preventing costly repairs due a lack of maintenance.

The inside of your home is where you live. It’s where memories are created. The time spent there is of great value and should feel warm and peaceful. What better way to create that feeling of “home” than to add cheerful colors and rich vivid depth to your interior space? His Biz has given this great comfort to many families. With sharp straight lines and small impacting accents we will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed every time you walk into your home.

General Home Maintenance:
In addition to painting and coatings, we also offer a wide variety of interior and exterior home maintenance services, including Power Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Moss, Mildew and Algae Treatments, Window Cleaning, Holiday Lighting and Remodeling.

Ask us about our free Concierge Service.  No matter what you need for your home, we can help you find a quality service provider absolutely free of charge. From electrical to plumbing, landscaping to interior design, we will get to work on your behalf to get you quotes and quality contractors. This service is available through our sister company, Puget Services. Call 425-522-2141.

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